Christine Hall


Christine Hall has been a journalist since 1971. In 2001 she began writing a weekly consumer computer column and began covering IT full time in 2002, focusing on Linux and open source software. Since 2010 she's published and edited the website FOSS Force. Follow her on Twitter: @BrideOfLinux.


AWS No Longer a Holdout, Joins Kubernetes Group
Now that the last major public cloud provider has joined CNCF, expect Kubernetes to become the de facto container orchestration standard.
IBM Says It Has Beat Facebook’s AI Server Scaling Record
Today IBM announced the availability of the beta version of its Distributed Deep Learning software it says has demonstrated “a leap forward in deep learning performance.”
What's New in RHEL 7.4

These days when a new version of an operating system is released, there's usually not a lot of gee-whiz new whistles and bells to make the front office folks salivate -- especially if it's a point release. But there are still plenty of new features to make DevOps folks happy -- nuts and bolts stuff that makes everybody's life easier.

Red Hat Acquires Permabit's Storage Tech
Red Hat's planned open sourcing of Permabit tech should be a boon for all enterprise Linux distributions.
Kite Dev Tool Drops Atom Bomb
You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, and you don't mess around with an open source toolkit.
'Devil's Ivy' Is Another Wake-Up Call for IoT Security

There's been another wake-up call concerning our old friend the internet of things. As usual, it comes in the form of yet another security vulnerability in the wild. Although the amount of damage this one can do remains uncertain, we know it affects an extremely large number of devices, and at the very least can be used to disable security cameras from one affected company.

OCI Sets First Container Standards
The Open Container Initiative has issued its first sets of standards for container technology.
Red Hat Updates OpenShift Online Developers' Platform
Red Hat's AWS based OpenShift Online is designed to help devs develop cloud-native apps.
Open Security Controller Waiting for Developer Interest
Intel has contributed its Open Security Controller to the Linux Foundation.
Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Ready for Prime Time
The open source blockchain project Hyperledger Fabric has reached the 1.0 milestone and is ready for production use.
Apple Partnering with Guizhou-Big Data on China Data Center

In response to a new cybersecurity law in China that was ratified in June, Apple announced today that it's establishing a data center in the country's southern province of Guizhou. The company will be partnering with Guizhou-Big Data (GCBD), a company that was co-founded by the Chinese government. Apple had already been storing encrypted iCloud data on China Telecom servers since 2015.