Christine Hall


Christine Hall has been a journalist since 1971. In 2001 she began writing a weekly consumer computer column and began covering IT full time in 2002, focusing on Linux and open source software. Since 2010 she's published and edited the website FOSS Force. Follow her on Twitter: @BrideOfLinux.


Daimler Jumps on Linux Bandwagon
Germain automaker Daimler indicates that it's betting much of its future on Linux by investing in two Linux projects.
Canonical Offers Extended Security for Ubuntu 12.04
Ubuntu 12.04 ESM (Extended Security Maintenance) will extend security updates beyond the releases end-of-life in April.
Security Expert Bruce Schneier on Regulating IoT
The sorry state of IoT security needs regulating, not only because it's disruptive to the Internet, but because it poses a threat to public safety.
Proposed Bill Would Let You 'Hack Back'
A congressman for Georgia has proposed legislation that would give victims of attacks rights to identify hackers and disrupt attacks.
Red Hat Developing User Session Recording for the Enterprise
It's not ready yet, but an out-of-the-box open source and enterprise ready solution for user session recording is in the works.
Docker Ups Its Game With 'Enterprise Edition'

Docker wants to make the use of its product easier for the enterprise. To that end, the company announced Thursday the release of Docker Enterprise Edition, or Docker EE. This isn't to be confused with the company's previous professional product, Docker Datacenter, which doesn't completely go away with the new release, but which is included as a module, The free and open source version of Docker has been rebranded as Docker Community Edition, or Docker CE.

EMC's Joshua Bernstein on When to Deploy Open Source
Cost might be the last thing to consider when deciding on whether to adopt an open or closed source solution.
OpenStack Ocata Improves Container Support
The combination of OpenStack and Kubernetes is becoming an essential standard for private and hybrid cloud deployments.
Three Rescue Disks for Your Toolbox
Having a good multi-platform bootable rescue disk on hand can often turn a major headache into a job easily handled.
Kurdish Group Hacks openSUSE Linux Website
There's no evidence that any real damage was done in a defacement of the Linux distro's website -- but even a "small" hack on an operating system site is cause for concern.
Oracle Policy Change Raises Prices on AWS
The change, which effectively doubles Oracle's prices for implementing its software on AWS, was put in effect quietly, with little notification to users.
Enterprise Linux's Big Three 1
Linux for the enterprise is dominated by three companies, with each offering its own branded distribution, as well as support and customization.
Three Upcoming Open Source Conferences
Attending open source conferences like the three coming up this spring can be an effective way to both expand your skills and make contacts with people from outside your organization.
Pink Slips From Microsoft and Oracle
Two tech giants are handing out pink slips this week. In one case, this means next to nothing. The other, however, might signal more layoffs to come.
DB Ransom Attacks Spread to CouchDB and Hadoop
The erasure of data on improperly secured databases has broadened to include Apache-Hadoop's distributed storage and the NoSQL CouchDB. Expect more to come.