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John Savill is a Windows technical specialist, an 11-time MVP, and an MCSE for Azure Infrastructure and Windows Server 2016. He's also Azure certified, ITIL certified and a CISSP. John is the author of the popular FAQ for Windows and a senior contributing editor to IT Pro, as well as the author of eight books including Mastering Azure Infrastructure Services (Wiley) and Mastering Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V (Wiley). John's blog is available at and can be followed on Twitter at NTFAQGuy.


Can an Azure VM be moved between virtual networks
Understand moving IaaS VMs between virtual networks
Tool to pick optimal Azure IaaS VM size
Find the optimal VM size based on your requirements with a simple tool.
Check VM extension versions?
Check the VM extension versions with PowerShell
ExpressRoute usage outside the local geography
Can you use ExpressRoute outside the region where you establish the connection? Find out!
Replicate disk larger than 1TB with ASR?
Find out what size disks can be replicated with ASR
Add/remove NICs post creation to Azure VMs
Add/remove NICs post creation on Azure VM
Windows System State backup to Azure Backup
Learn about system state backup and Azure Backup
Storage Space use inside VMs
Can you use Storage Spaces inside a VM? Well there is what works and what is supported!
Understand difference between public and private peering with ExpressRoute
Understand the types of peering with ExpressRoute
Managed disks with ASR
Can you use managed disks with ASR?
Fetch specific object from AD with PowerShell
Fetch specific objects from AD using PowerShell
Check group memberships in AD via LDAP
Check group memberships with LDAP
Custom gateway use to connect to ExpressRoute
What gateways can be used to connect to ExpressRoute in an Azure virtual network. Find out!
Is Switch Embedded Teaming ONLY used with SDNv2?
Is the new HA for NICS SET only used with SDNv2? Find out!
Target regions when using Azure to Azure replication with ASR
Understand the possible target regions for azure to azure replication.


Deploy Personal Session Desktop collection in Windows Server 2016
August 14, 2017

Great feedback however realize this solution is something different. This is a pooled approach and something I've referenced in other FAQs. Here you are creating a pool of...

When does a CBB lose servicing
April 25, 2017

No. Remember the TWO most current branches are supported which means once 1703 is CBB then it and the previous (1607) are supported but the previous to that goes into grace...

When to use ReFS in Windows Server 2016
March 28, 2017

Remember the other article was CSV specific. For CSV stick with NTFS because of the redirected mode ReFS forces. For NON CSV you COULD use ReFS based on the possible benefits...

Why is scaling out preferred over scaling up?
November 23, 2016

Martin - Agree. That is why I said generally. If you look at most modern operating systems they charge by core rather than OS instance and most clouds charge the same way. For...

Understand virtual network peering in Azure
August 29, 2016

good catch, fixed Tim :-)