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John Savill is a Windows technical specialist, an 11-time MVP, and an MCSE for Private Cloud and Server Infrastructure 2012. He's also Azure certified, ITIL certified and a CISSP. John is the author of the popular FAQ for Windows and a senior contributing editor to Windows IT Pro, as well as the author of Mastering Hyper-V 2012 R2 with System Center and Azure (Wiley) and Mastering Azure Infrastructure Services (Wiley). John's blog is available at


Using the Cloud for Disaster Recovery
If your IT infrastructure goes down there is barely a company on earth that could keep running and companies are only increasing their reliance on IT. But the cloud can offer a solution.
Understand passphrase prompts in DPM with Azure Backup
Understand the passphrase prompt with DPM and Azure Backup
Understand how to enable debug with Nano Server
Learn how to enable debug for a Nano Server instance.
How can I change the password of many users with PowerShell in AD
Easily reset passwords of many AD users with PowerShell
Solve Windows re-arranging on 4K displays 2
Solve windows re-arranging on Windows 4K displays
Find unique entries with PowerShell
Find unique values with PowerShell
Bulk change attributes on AD with PowerShell
Change attributes with PowerShell
PowerShell cmdlets for NTFS management
Manage NTFS with PowerShell the easy way
Why are Server Manager options for Nano grayed out?
Understand why some options are grayed out in Server Manager for a Nano Server target.
Can I use vHBA with Nano Server
Can use you vHBA on Windows Server 2016 Nano Server?
Deploying Nano Server with Configuration Manager
Can Nano be deployed with Configuration Manager. Lower your expectations :-)
Create resources as a cluster resource
Create resources as cluster resources instead of node resources.
Set preferred site for 2016 cluster
Set preferred site for 2016 cluster
Update Defender definitions automatically
manually update definitions.


Why is scaling out preferred over scaling up?
November 23, 2016

Martin - Agree. That is why I said generally. If you look at most modern operating systems they charge by core rather than OS instance and most clouds charge the same way. For...

Understand virtual network peering in Azure
August 29, 2016

good catch, fixed Tim :-)

Q. Can I use the same storage account for all the VMs in an availability set?
May 18, 2016

I agree its not guaranteed to be different stamps but it may be which may give some additional resiliency. I wasn't saying it as an iron guarantee :-) ZRS/GRS gives additional...

PowerShell Storage Space Creation Tips
October 7, 2014

This is expected. You are using an environment based on Windows Server 2012 R2 to create (Windows PE 5) then trying to read on a prior version, Windows Server 2012.