Michael Morisy

Content Director, Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Pro, SharePoint Pro, Dev Pro,
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Michael Morisy is the Content Director for Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Pro, SharePoint Pro and Dev Pro. In 2014, Morisy was a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University. He is the founder of MuckRock, America’s first collaborative Freedom of Information Act filing website, which has broken news on everything from NSA contracts and drone usage to domestic surveillance and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI files. Previously, he launched and edited tech news site BetaBoston.com for The Boston Globe and managed a blog network of 80-plus writers and a tech question-and-answer site. He was also a network fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics and is a frequent speaker on public records, data-driven journalism, and startups.



Is remote work becoming a distant dream again?
Embracing remote work culture helped IBM save $100 million in office space. But now Big Blue is changing course, saying that agile teams need to work together to succeed. What's the impact on the future of IT?
Dr. Watson gets benched at University of Texas' MD Anderson

IBM has marketed Watson as a multidisciplinary artificial intelligence that can tackle a range of information problems, but has long touted medicine as one of the key areas it will help disrupt.

Economist says that Windows 10 is stalling, but is it, and does it matter? 1

Whither Microsoft 10? That's what the Economist is wondering, in a somewhat blistering review of rather dismal, if questionable, statistics on adoption of Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system.

The basic contention is that Windows 10's growth has slowed, and that Windows 7 is still dominant:

Red Hat on what to expect in 2017: Hybrid for what matters most

Cathal McGloin, Red Hat’s VP of mobile platforms, said that, for all the talk of cloud, 2017 is likely will be an increasingly important bridge for many enterprises, particularly those that have something to protect.


Microsoft: Cmd isn't going anywhere! 1
Rumors of Cmd’s death have been greatly exaggerated, Microsoft's Rich Turner has announced, and any news the contrary misunderstand recent shifts in where the aged prompt is heading.