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Why is scaling out preferred over scaling up? Commented on: 17 weeks ago (November 23, 2016)

Martin - Agree. That is why I said generally. If you look at most modern operating systems they charge by core rather than OS instance and most clouds charge the same way. For example a Windows...

Understand virtual network peering in Azure Commented on: 29 weeks ago (August 29, 2016)

good catch, fixed Tim :-)

Q. Can I use the same storage account for all the VMs in an availability set? Commented on: 44 weeks ago (May 18, 2016)

I agree its not guaranteed to be different stamps but it may be which may give some additional resiliency. I wasn't saying it as an iron guarantee :-) ZRS/GRS gives additional resiliency in event...

Configure a Service to Run in its Own svchost Process Commented on: 2 years ago (December 15, 2014)

updated :-)

PowerShell Storage Space Creation Tips Commented on: 2 years ago (October 7, 2014)

This is expected. You are using an environment based on Windows Server 2012 R2 to create (Windows PE 5) then trying to read on a prior version, Windows Server 2012.

Azure Auto-Scale for IaaS Commented on: 2 years ago (August 23, 2014)

Yep, when I wrote it I didn't think the queues would be that useful however when revisiting I see the use cases so updated :-) Thanks

Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Commented on: 3 years ago (March 13, 2014)

I can't speak for internal Microsoft policy however with the new scalability I see many virtualized SQL environments. There are still environments that keep it physical but certainly SQL is fully...

Remove Lync-Specific Attributes for Users Commented on: 3 years ago (February 28, 2014)

The modified code for those 3 included would be:

get-aduser -filter {msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress -like "*"}|set-aduser -clear msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress,msRTCSIP-PrimaryHomeServer,msRTCSIP...

Stop the Windows 8 Intro Animation for Users Commented on: 3 years ago (December 3, 2013)

Make sure you are editing group policy from a Windows 8/2012 or above machine or you won't see the option. It won't be anywhere else.

Q: Can I mix network adapters of different speeds in a single NIC team? Commented on: 3 years ago (October 24, 2013)

So you are not actually teaming since when you team you would then have an IP address for the virtual NIC rather than the individual adapters. You just have standalone NICs. I don't know the...