Inside the Windows 10 January Technical Preview 2

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on Jan 27, 2015

Would not recommend any of these. If Microsoft had to train all users as we do they would understand the meaning of give the users what they want and not here it is suck it up.

on Jan 27, 2015

They hated the lack of a start menu in Windows 8.x so to make up Microsoft gave them a huge start menu! Jesus Microsoft, just give us something we can use and not hate every minute we are on it.

on Jan 27, 2015

Just when I started to have hope that MS was getting their head out of their A-S and was getting excited about Windows with much of the Windows 7 Start Menu back in in Windows 10 up to Build 9879 where I could actually enjoy using Windows again without a third party Start Menu (Start8), MS goes and BLOWS it again by updating to Build 9926 with the complete abombination of a Modern UI Start Menu that is again UGLY to look at, and harder to use. And they even made the task bar UGLY to boot. When I restarted my Windows 10 PC after updating to 9926, I honestly can't remember being more disappointed with MS and my Windows OS than I was at that moment. SO SAD. I really hope they roll this change back. 9926 and everything it stands for and looks like is a step BACK and NEEDS TO GO AWAY NOW!!!

If MS wants to have the Modern UI available for Touch Screens and Tablets, that fine, but people that actually use a normal PC or Laptop to get actual work done all day should be able to turn off ALL Modern UI items with one button so they never need to look at that repulsive Modern UI at all, EVER if they don't want to. Or should be able to select what Modern I features want or don't want. I've used Windows since the DOS days and always enjoyed the "next" version of Windows until 8/8.1 and juts when I thought MS "might" recover and do it right, they go and release Build 9926. If 9926 is what it ends up like, then I'll be running 7 until it won't run anymore. I just can't stand the thought of turning my computer on each day to look at this repulsive Modern UI. What a mistake. PLEASE go back to the look and feel of Build 9879 and add the ability to remove all Modern UI from my computer if I want to.

on Jan 28, 2015

They are still confused. No progress has been made at all. The desktop OS GUI must be made to suit desktop PC usage. They are still trying to make everything look like it would on a mobile device. They better get their heads out of their arses because I've been onboard with MS since the beginning and stuck with them through the good and the bad but they are in a rut that has even me considering alternatives. Times are changing and they are NOT getting the picture. They are not onboard. I them trying but they keep doing the wrong things. We may be seeing the death of the MS we once knew and loved. I'm going to use Windows 10 because I won't give up without trying first but at this point, seeing this here this morning... I'm at a loss as to how I should feel about it.

This is just plain stupid. I don't want to see one single shortcut, feature, label, etc... nothing that has any of the mobile device appearance to it like is shown in every single screen shot above. Not on my desktop. On my mobile devices great, I really think it all looks and works fairly well as they jerk the kinks out of it but a desktop PC IS NOT used like a mobile device. Microsoft, wake up! Geez.

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