Business intelligence solutions can help companies make sense of data in order to make more informed business decisions—if there’s critical mass in terms of adoption and awareness. A recent podcast on BI Brainz, Analytics on Fire, provides some practical, actionable tips for increasing awareness and adoption based on the experience of personal and healthcare product manufacturer Kimberly-Clark.

Indeed, according to Lestor Meadows, senior manager of Global BI Delivery for Kimberly-Clark’s Enterprise Data Management and Analytics team, increased awareness breeds increased adoption. In the podcast, Meadows discusses how the Kimberly-Clark's self-sustaining BI awareness program has increased BI adoption on a global scale. For example, noted Lestor, in the Asia Pacific the company started with 25 people on a single BI application and grew the number of users to 400.

During the podcast, Meadows shares many practical recommendations, including the types of media used to create buzz, his must-do’s for BI adoption success and the lessons he has learned along the way. He also notes the importance of tracking BI use, explaining how the company's "BI on BI" program enabled it to track its SAP Business Objects Implementation. “We could prove [BI] adoption through the BI on BI stats that we had,” he said during the podcast.

The podcast is available here.